Cycle4Europe 2020 will continue to cycle for the most vulnerable people in Europe – 1,000 km from Sweden to Norway

For Loza Foundation Cycle4Europe 2019 was a total success and now, the last few details have been finalised for the new cycling event that will take place in May 2020. The new route will run from Varberg in Sweden to Trondheim in Norway.
“Thanks to Cycle4Europe, we have managed to highlight a long-forgotten, hidden part of Europe, where some people are stuck in inhuman living conditions and are in dire need of help. That is why it is imperative we keep fighting for their cause”, says Sabina Grubbeson, founder of Loza Foundation.

In September last year, the cyclists crossed the finishing line in Varberg, Sweden with Triathlon World Championship medallist Jonas Colting at the helm. By that point, they had cycled across Europe in aid of the poorest, most vulnerable people in Europe and now the initiator and aid organisation Loza Foundation has decided to launch another Cycle4Europe event in May 2020 with their main sponsor BEWiSynbra.

This year’s edition of Cycle4Europe will start where the 2019 route finished. Starting in Varberg, Sweden on 17 May, the plan is for the cyclists to cover a total of 1,000 km divided into six different legs and cross the finishing line on 22 May in Trondheim on the west coast of Norway.

As the main sponsor BEWiSynbra are taking care of all the overheads and organizational costs for this event, all additional donations and funding goes directly to the Loza Foundation projects.

“This year we are starting in Varberg as we want to pick up where the 2019 event left off. We are incredibly grateful for BEWiSynbra’s contribution, and as their headquarters are based in Trondheim, Norway, it makes perfect sense to have the finishing line for Cycle4Europe 2020 there.”

Last year the cyclists had to cycle from Skopje, North Macedonia and cover 2,500 km before they reached Varberg, but the end result was worth it as the total proceeds amounted to 600,000 SEK. The money has helped Loza Foundation to pay for children’s shoes, warm winter clothes and education. Furthermore, the funds have helped to improve the living conditions and situation for disabled people in North Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and Loza Foundation are now also looking to start projects in Kosovo.

“Cycle4Europe has shown the rest of the world that this is an important issue, which needs to be highlighted and dealt with. At the same time, we are hoping to build a productive, worthwhile partnership with companies and sponsors, where we all feel proud of the work we do together for the Global Goals and a sustainable social development here in Europe”, says Sabina Grubbeson, founder of Loza Foundation.
Sabina Grubbeson, Loza Foundation, Martin Bekken, BEWiSynbra and Peter Algebäck, Brainforest.

Loza Foundation works for the most vulnerable people in the poorest countries of Europe. The foundation was founded in 2017
in Sweden. In collaboration with the local population we take concerted action within institutions for people with mental health
issues and physical disabilities, at orphanages and other operations for women and children that are particularly vulnerable.

Facts about Cycle4Europe 2020:
A cycling event where all the participants collect money in aid of Loza Foundation’s ongoing work for the most vulnerable people in the poorest countries of Europe.

Dates: 17-22 May

Stage 1:
17 May Varberg – Stenungsund, Sweden 133 kilometres
18 May Stenungsund, Sweden – Halden, Norway 151 kilometres
19 May Halden – Eidsvoll, Norway 145 kilometres

Stage 2:
20 May Eidsvoll – Ringebu, Norway 211 kilometres
21 May Ringebu – Oppdal, Norway 176 kilometres
22 May Oppdal – Trondheim, Norway 120 kilometres

Organizer: Loza Foundation in collaboration with main sponsor BEWiSynbra and partner Brainforest.

Facts about Cycle4Europe 2019
Route: Skopje, North Macedonia – Varberg, Sweden
Distance: 2,500 kilometres
Total proceeds: 600,000 SEK

Austrian corporation Hirsch Servo Group sponsors Cycle4Europe

The Austrian corporation Hirsch Servo Group is the Europe sponsor of the 2500 kilometres Cycle4Europe bicycle event, which is arranged by Swedish Loza Foundation in support of the most vulnerable people in some of the poorest countries in Europe.

“Loza Foundation helps people in countries not far from Austria. We are proud and happy to support their work and Cycle4Europe,” says Harald Kogler, CEO, Hirsch Servo Group.

The Austrian corporation Hirsch Servo Group is the Europe sponsor of the bicycle event Cycle4Europe, which is arranged by the Loza Foundation and BEWiSynbra. During two intense weeks the riders will bike 2500 kilometres from Skopje, North Macedonia, to Varberg, Sweden. The stages run through some of the poorest areas in Europe to highlight the Loza Foundation and raise money for their charity work.

“Many people live in inhumane conditions in countries not far from here. The Loza Foundation work to change that and they have opened our eyes,” says Harald Kogler, CEO at Hirsch Servo Group’s office in Glanegg in southern Austria.

Hirsch Servo Group produce EPS insulation and packaging as well as EPS machinery. Their sponsorship will be extra visible during the Cycle4Europe stages through Austria and Germany.

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“Our products are sold in seven countries and we have 20 production plants in Central Europe. We also work closely with BEWiSynbra from northern Europe, so we really look forward to be a part of Cycle4Europe,” says Harald Kogler.

“To have a major corporation as the Hirsch Servo Group as a sponsor is great. It shows that our work affects everybody, regardless of where in Europe they live. Through Cycle4Europe we can make more people aware of the conditions for some the poorest citizens in Europe and raise money to help orphaned children and many more,” says Sabina Grubbeson, founder of Loza Foundation.

“What Loza Foundation does is amazing. We are happy to support them,” says Martin Bekken, CEO of BEWiSynbra Circular.

He is also one of the founders of Team BEWiSynbra, that cycles for different charities every year. During Cycle4Europe the team is re-enforced by the World and European triathlon championship medalist Jonas Colting and Tommy Prim, runner up of Giro d’Italia, who will join on the last stage.

Do you want to join Cycle4Europe?

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Jonas Colting cycles through Europe’s poorest countries in support of vulnerable people’s rights

In September 2019 six time triathlon World Championship and European Championship medalist Jonas Colting will cycle from North Macedonia to Sweden, 2500 kilometers with challenging terrain in support of the charity event Cycle4Europe.

– It’s my way to spotlight how vulnerable people are treated in nearby countries. It’s hard to turn away from their suffering, says Jonas Colting.

This autumn the Loza Foundation and the company BEWiSynbra arrange the charity event Cycle4Europe. In 17 days the participants will cycle parts of or all of 2500 kilometers through some of the poorest countries in Europe to raise money for the Loza Foundation’s aid projects in North Macedonia and other countries.

Jonas Colting, six time triathlon World Championship and European Championship medalist, writer, speaker and fitness coach, will ride all the way from the start in Skopje, North Macedonia, to Varberg on the Swedish west coast.

– This is a challenge with a worthy cause. To help raise money for the Loza Foundation, an organization that helps vulnerable people who live in inhuman conditions in Europe, is something I support wholeheartedly, says Jonas Colting.

This is not the first time that Jonas Colting combine spectacular physical feats with charity. He has swum from Gothenburg to Stockholm for Wateraid, round Phuket island in Thailand to raise awareness for ocean pollution and round Gotland for Swedish general health.

But to cycle from North Macedonia through the mountainous parts of Kosovo and Bosnia and all the way to Sweden is a new kind of challenge.

– The total distance is challenging. It’s tough to ride from southern Europe to Sweden in just two weeks. And it’s very mountainous, especially during the first week. Many of the stages have twice the climbing than some Tour de France-stages.

– The preparations are extensive, to scout the roads, know their conditions and find out where there’s fresh water, and so on. And I suspect that the weather will still be hot when we ride in early September.

Jonas Colting hopes that his participation in Cycle4Europe will make more people aware of the Loza Foundation’s work for the most vulnerable people in Europe – and that both companies and individuals will contribute to the fundraising that is essential for the foundation.

– This is how I contribute. And it’s going to be extremely interesting and exciting to get to know these parts of Europe. I know from experience how incredibly close you come to a country and its people from a bike, he says.

Jonas Colting’s support means a lot to the Loza Foundation.

– Jonas’ participation confirms how important our work is. More people need to learn about the conditions that many are forced to live in in Europe and realize that everybody must contribute to a socially sustainable future, says Sabina Grubbeson, founder of the Loza Foundation.


If you wish to participate in the event and support Cycle4Europe, please contact Sabina Grubbeson at +46 733 213 823, for more information.

They will bike 2500 km for Loza Foundation and the most vulnerable people in Europe

From Skopje, North Macedonia, to Varberg, Sweden, on two wheels:

The charity event Cycle4Europe will bike from Skopje in North Macedonia to Varberg on the Swedish west coast. The goal is to raise money for the Loza Foundation, that works for vulnerable people in the “forgotten” Europe.

– I have dreamed of this for years, it’s great that it finally happens, says Sabina Grubbeson, founder of Loza Foundation.

The start is in Skopje, the North Macedonian capital, on September 6. On September 19 the cyclists will arrive in Varberg on the west coast of Sweden. Cycle4Europe is an iniative from Sabina Grubbeson, founder of Loza Foundation, and the company BEWiSynbra. The Cycle4Europe will ride approximately 2500 kilometers through some of the poorest countries in Europe to raise awareness and money to the Loza Foundation and their work for vulnerable people in the “forgotten” Europe. It will be possible to follow the journey through both Loza Foundation and BEWiSynbra’s social media channels during the ride.

– Our work is totally dependent on getting money through gifts and contributions from businesses and people. This gives us the opportunity to raise awareness and form public opinion also outside Sweden, says Sabina Grubbeson.

BEWiSynbra finances the event and participates with its own bicycle team, Team BEWiSynbra. Every year they support a number of good causes. Last year Team BEWiSynbra cycled 900 kilometers to support cancer research, but they have never biked this far.

– Our company stands for environmental sustainability. Now we want to be part of Loza Foundation’s work for social sustainability. What they do to help vulnerable people is amazing och this is our way to support it, says Christian Larsson, head of marketing and communication at BEWiSynbra.

The start in Skopje is symbolic as Loza Foundation works with children and teenagers here. Through the children’s homes “25 May” and “11 October” boys and girls get support for security, clothes and hope for the future.

– Children who doesn´t have family support are particularly vulnerable in the poorest parts of Europe. We aim to meet every child’s needs, build self esteem and improve their future, says Sabina Grubbeson.

Apart from the two children’s homes in Skopje, Loza Foundation supports projects for disabled people in both North Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. They also work with traumatized women and children, who still live in the many refugee camps in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 20 years after the war ended.

– We believe in long term commitment and work and we will follow these people for years to ensure that they get the help they need, says Sabina Grubbeson.

She hopes that Cycle4Europe will help Loza Foundation reach their target of raising 1.5 million SEK this year.

– That’s the sum we need to do the projects we have planned and handle those we have started. We really hope that many more want to be part of Cycle4Europe where we raise awareness about the most vulnerable people in Europe. Together we can create a brighter future for those who have lost hope.


If you want to support and be part of Cycle4Europe contact Sabina Grubbeson at (+46) 733-213 823, for more information.

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