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ABOUT Jonas Colting

Six time triathlon World Championship and European Championship medalist Jonas Colting will cycle the entire distance of 2397km in support of the charity event Cycle4Europe, to raise money and awareness for the Loza Foundation and Europe’s most vulnerable people.

It’s not the first time Jonas Colting combines spectacular exercise experiences with charity. Previously he has, among other things, swam between Stockholm and Gothenburg for Wateraid, around the island of Phuket in Thailand with a focus on pollution of the oceans and around Gotland for Swedish public health.

Now he will cycle from Skopje in Northern Macedonia through some of Europe’s poorest countries Kosovo and Bosnia and all the way up to Sweden. A distance of 250 miles through 12 countries where several of the stages have twice as much climbing as the Tour de France stages. 

Through his involvement in Cycle4Europe, Jonas Colting hopes that many more will find the Loza Foundation’s aid project for Europe’s most vulnerable, and that both companies and individuals should get involved by contributing to the collection, which is crucial for the organization’s work. 

– This is my way of helping. In addition, it will be incredibly interesting and exciting to experience these parts of Europe. I know from experience that one comes incredibly close to a country and those who live there from the bicycle saddle, says Jonas Colting.


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