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In September 2019, Cycle4Europe will for the first time have its charity event cycling through some of Europe’s poorest countries. The event is organized with the aim to benefit Europe’s most vulnerable people.

By cycling from Skopje in Northern Macedonia, through Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina and further up through Europe to Sweden, we want to raise awareness of Europe’s most vulnerable people and raise money for their benefit. 

Welcome: As a private person or company you are welcome to participate in Cycle4Europe. You can do so by being a sponsor for this unique event and/or contributing directly to our efforts for Europe’s most vulnerable people. There is also the opportunity for you to participate in the cycling event itself.

What is the money going for?

Loza Foundtion works for the most vulnerable people in the poorest countries of Europe. The organization currently has projects for children and young people, the disabled and the sick and for the victims of the war. Today we have projects in Northern Macedonia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina where we work to ensure that people living in difficult conditions will have better opportunities in the future.

The money that comes in through Cycle4Europe is distributed among Loza Foundation projects accordingly and goes primarily to those in need of it most.

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