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In September 2019, Cycle4Europe will be arranged for the first time. An event initiated by Loza Foundation and BEWi Synbra where the World Championship medalist Jonas Colting, among others, will cycle through some of Europe’s poorest countries. During two weeks, to raise attention and fundraise for the most vulnerable people in Europe.

The route is 2500 kilometers and goes from Skopje, North Macedonia, through Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina, up through Europe to finish in Sweden.
– By starting the cycle event where we already executed work and to then continue through Europe, we want to raise awareness about our continent’s most vulnerable people and to collect money to help even more, says Sabina Grubbeson, initiator of Loza Foundation.

Both companies and individuals are welcome to participate in Cycle4Europe, either by participation in one or several distances by bike, as a sponsor to the event, or to take part in direct work.

This is how Loza Foundation uses the sponsor money

Loza Foundation works for the most vulnerable people in the poorest countries of Europe. The organisation today has projects for children and youths, disabled and ill, as well as for women who were affected by the Yugoslav Wars and still live in misery. Today the foundation has projects in North Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina where the inputs are used to give people living under awful situations a more worthy life. The money raised through Cycle4Europe will be distributed by priorities and needs, and will in first hand go to were it is the most needed.

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