Institution for disabled is given extra support during the corona pandemic

The poorest, most vulnerable people in Europa have been hit hard by the current pandemic. Loza Foundation is dedicating extra resources to alleviate the consequences for the residents at the Demir Kapija Institution in North Macedonia. Not only within the framework of the ongoing EU project, but also with additional support activities.

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Volunteer of the year 2019: Glorija

She works with children and adults with disabilities in the same time as she is studying to become a special educator and rehabilitator at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, North Macedonia. Volunteer of the year at Loza Foundation is Glorija Naumovska.

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Cycle4Europe promotes and strives towards socially sustainable development: ”We want to help the most vulnerable people.”

More orphanages, a tolerable situation for disabled people and resources to be made available for women suffering from the effects of the war in Balkan. But most of all we want the opportunity to highlight the situation of the most vulnerable people in Europe and give them a future without stigmatisation. This is the reason why a group of cyclists have chosen to embark on the 2,500 kilometres long route from Skopje in North Macedonia to Varberg in Sweden and participate in the Cycle4Europe charity event.

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