• Join us on our quest to help the forgotten Europe

    Loza Foundation works for the most vulnerable people in the poorest countries of Europe. The foundation was founded in 2017.

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  • Aid projects

    Loza Foundation runs aid projects for the most vulnerable people in Bosnia and Macedonia.

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  • The forgotten Europe featured in Swedish newspaper

    In January 2019, the Loza Foundation, together with reporters from Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten, traveled to Special Institution Demir Kapija in Macedonia. In a series of articles they describe the situation at the institution, the vulnerability and the crying need for help.

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  • Cycle4Europe

    In September 2019, Cycle4Europe will for the first time have its charity event cycling through some of Europe’s poorest countries. The event is organized with the aim to benefit Europe’s most vulnerable people.

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  • Support Loza

    As a monthly giver you support the most vulnerable people in Europe and give them a chance for a better future.

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Welcome to Loza Foundation, we work to help the most vulnerable people in the poorest countries of Europe – the forgotten Europe. Thanks to contributions from private individuals as well as large corporations tangible, hands-on projects can be carried out on site in these areas.

Latest news

6 November, 2020

Loza Foundation’s latest aid project: 17-year old Lirija drops everything to help her blind mother.

In a shed on the outskirts of the town of Shutka in North Macedonia, 17-year old Lirija lives with her blind mother, Saadet. The shed consists of one room that serves as a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom combined. There is no toilet and every time it rains, the shed is flooded with rainwater. Lirija has […]

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14 September, 2020

Institution for disabled is given extra support during the corona pandemic

The poorest, most vulnerable people in Europa have been hit hard by the current pandemic. Loza Foundation is dedicating extra resources to alleviate the consequences for the residents at the Demir Kapija Institution in North Macedonia. Not only within the framework of the ongoing EU project, but also with additional support activities.

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31 March, 2020

Emergency aid to vulnerable, exposed groups in the corona crisis – aid packages desperately needed in North Macedonia

Loza Foundation is now switching focus to the effects of COVID-19 and is busy fundraising to be able to carry out emergency relief efforts targeting the most vulnerable, exposed groups in North Macedonia. The poor and the infirm have been hit the hardest in this global crisis.

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Support us

We have seen a gap in the welfare of Europe. Forgotten places where people live in inhumane conditions, where the social security network is insufficient and does not serve or take care of everyone. Please, in order to help these people, contribute to Loza Foundation so that we can make a difference.

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The Loza Foundation charity was established in 2017 by Sabina Grubbeson as a reaction to the vulnerable, exposed situations she witnessed while she travelled around in North Macedonia and investigated the current state of affairs at various orphanages and institutions. The foundation was established with the aim and intention of defending the rights of vulnerable people, allowing them to feel safe and secure and giving them the option of a longer, healthier life. Loza will work to improve the living standards of children and adults living in inhumane, undignified conditions. For a social sustainable development in the poorest parts of Europe.

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Our projects

In the autumn of 2017, we started the first project, which is in Macedonia, at the Special Institution in Demir Kapija. In June 2018, we started aid projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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