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About Loza Foundation


We are an outreaching organisation working in the countries that have the lowest ranking according to the UN’s Human Development Index and we particularly operate in areas where there are few other charity initiatives or none at all. We visit hospitals, orphanages and institutions, and new projects are chosen based on their needs specifically relating to human rights.

Loza Foundation was founded because a need that Sabina Grubbeson identified in Macedonia back in 2016 and the foundation will begin their first project with activities and relief efforts at ”Special Institution Demir Kapija” in Macedonia.

Each project is driven by a unique working committee specifically put together to suit that particular project. A team consisting of medical-humanitarian experts, construction experts, and others based on whatever needs and knowledge the project might require. At the same time we build an network of experts linked to the organisation and that all have the knowledge and experience of what can be expected within Loza. A working committee has active partners in both the giving and receiving countries and they collaborate based on the aim and values of Loza Foundation.

Before a project is started, a project plan is introduced and an in-depth analysis is created after initial interviews and thorough documentation.

Our projects are carried out partly with the help of a local workforce and resources in the right geographic areas to contribute to a positive societal development, both from a socio-economic perspective as well as being based on our vision of sustainable development. Out projects are driven and documented by the trustees of the foundation’s who report directly to the board.

We want to ensure that our projects are carried out with a very high quality and that what we deliver is used correctly and on/by the right people that need it the most. We therefore perform follow-ups and spot checks to make sure the high quality is maintained. By revisiting the project sites and interviewing participants the projects and outcome can be evaluated and the findings are shared with the board, our sponsors and staff members.

Loza Foundation are keen on building long-term relationships with the childcare institutions and orphanages that we work with and it is extremely important to us that we keep our promises. In order to develop long-term, sustainable partnerships and carry out successful projects we also work with organisations active in these regions and that share our core values. All partnerships and collaborations are built on joint values relating to human rights and share a vision of sustainable, socio-economic progression in the receiving country.

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