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Be a part of the greatest cycling adventure of your life – for a good cause!

The tour covers a total of 2500 kilometers and goes through fantastic scenery. Part of the tour is incredibly hilly and challenging.The tour is split up into four parts of three or four days. Every part has 10 spaces, except for the last part where we would like as many as possible to take part. The participants on the tour will partly be from Sweden, but also from parts of Europe that we cycle through. During the entire tour we have follow-up cars with staff who take care of logistics, food, drinks and help with potential technical issues.The first and the last days, Jonas Colting, six times World Championship and European Championship medalist in triathlon, will cycle the tour. By his contribution to Cycle4Europe, Jonas wants to raise awareness of Loza Foundation’s work for the most vulnerable in Europe. Both companies and individuals will become involved by contributing to the fundraising, which is vital for the organization’s undertakings.

– This is my way of helping. Besides that, it will be extremely interesting and exciting to experience this parts of Europe. I know from own experiences that you become incredibly close to a country and the people living there, when seeing it from the saddle, says Jonas Colting.

Do you want to cycle one or several stages? Contact Christian Larsson, Team BEWi Synbra. Ph. +46 720 77 41 50 or


Sep 5. Skopje, North Macedonia    Peje, Kosovo  144 km  (up 1777 m – down 1521 m)

Sep 6. Peje, Kosovo  –  Zabljak, Montenegro  189 km (up 6668 m – down 5728 m) 

Sep 7. Zabljak, Montenegro – Sarajevo, Bosnia 169 km (up 7064 m – down 7959 m)

Sep 8. “Day for Sustainable development”, Sarajevo


Sep 9. Sarajevo Bosnia – Banja Luka Bosnia 186 km (up 3078 m – down 3461 m )

Sep 10. Banja Luka , Bosnia – Zagreb Croatia 182 km (up 1662 m – down 1699 m )

Sep 11. Zagreb Croatia – Slovenia – Graz, Austria 181 km (up 2056 m – down 1839 m)

Sep 12. Graz, Austria – Vienna, Austria 175 km (up 2379 m – down 2538 m)


Sep 13. Vienna, Austria – Brno, Czech Republic 132 km (up 1089 m – down 1040 m)

Sep 14. Brno, Czech Republic – Prague, Czech Republic 214 km (up 2175 m – down 2205 m)

Sep 15. Prague, Czech Republic – Dresden, Germany 142 km (up1821 m – down 1915 m)

Sep 16. Dresden, Germany – Berlin, Germany 194 km (up 1133 m – down 1205 m)


Sep 17. Berlin, Germany – Rostock, Germany 224 km (up 1362 m – down 1386 m )

Sep 18. Trelleborg, Sweden – Båstad Sweden 140 km (up 460 m – down 454 m)

Sep 19.  Båstad Sweden – Varberg, Sweden 125 km (up 219 m – down 217 m)

Sep 19-20. Days for Sustainable Development & Use-ReUse Day, Varberg, Sweden


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