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About Loza Foundation

For the most vulnerable people of Europe

The gap between the poor and the rich is increasing in Europe. Orphanages and institutions in the poorest areas are stuck in a grey zone without possibilities or resources to change their own situation. Loza Foundation has chosen to focus on the places hidden away in the poorest parts of Europe and to help people with special needs, who live in inhuman conditions.

The foundation was established in 2017 as a reaction to the current living standards of the most vulnerable people in the poorest countries of Europe. In collaboration with the local population we take concerted action within institutions for people with mental health issues and and physical disabilities, at orphanages and other operations for women and children that are particularly vulnerable. Children without parents or family live in dangerous world, clearly very exposed and defenceless, whereas women that run away from domestic violence and oppression are often rejected by their relatives and have therefore nowhere to go.

Loza Foundation wants to contribute to a positive development for these vulnerable people, to show them a light at the end of the tunnel. Our vision is a more egalitarian society in Europe and our work is aimed at the European countries, which are currently right at the bottom of the UN Human Development Index, namely Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moldova and Kosovo.

Our work is based on human rights in accordance with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We want to be the voice and spokesperson for particularly vulnerable people, bring their particular rights to the table and specifically highlight the issue around food, clothes, health and safety.

The foundation is a non-party political, non-religious organisation financed by individuals and businesses.

This fundraising foundation will have a specific charity account called a ’90-account’ at the Swedish Fundraising Control (Svensk Insamlingskontroll), which then inspects the activities and verifies that the money is used correctly. A guarantee for you as a donor.

The operation is under development and start-up capital is crucial. We are in great need of your support.

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