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About Loza Foundation

Extract from the charter of Loza Foundation

Purpose & Aim

§ 2 The main purpose of Loza Foundation is to:

I. Support particularly vulnerable, defenceless people in economically disadvantaged countries. In this group we primarily focus on:

• People with disabilities or mental/physical illness

• Children in dangerous situations

• Women exposed to violence and oppression

• The poor and homeless

We engage in activities that work for, or will in the future work for, these specific groups of people, to uphold their human rights and enable a more dignified life for them in more humane conditions.

II. By have information campaigns and are actively lobbying to change societal opinions of the basic rights of particularly vulnerable, defenceless people and thereby hope to achieve permanent improvement to the living conditions of these people.

III. To develop extended partnerships and further cooperation between developed, industrialised nations and economically disadvantaged countries in order to promote democratic, economic and social development in the weaker region, and that these partnerships have a common goal of sustainable development, fair systems and set-ups, as well as multi-dimensional environmental benefits.

The foundation will initially focus on activities in economically disadvantaged countries in Europe. The foundation may after a period of time, if determined by the Board, also pursue appropriate activities in other countries around the world, where there is a great need for change in the democratic progress, and/or financial improvements and societal developments.

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