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About Loza Foundation


Sabina Grubbeson
Research and project leader

Joakim Roos
Image manager
Documentary photographer with 30 years experience; for instance working on several different projects on behalf of Diakonia. Han is also working on global studies at Gothenburg University as a social anthropologist.

Dragana Stefanovska
Dragana is born in Kumanovo Macedonia and study architecture and sustainability at Chalmers technical university in Gothenburg. Dragana is an healthcare architect and environmental activist. Dragana speak macedonian and english language and work with Loza Foundations aid projects in North Macedonia.


Tomce Velkovski
Business coordinator for Loza Foundation in North Macedonia
And a great help with initial research work and and structuring the organisation on site in North Macedonia.

Glorija Naumovska
Project-coordinator and follow-up on projects in North Macedonia. Glorija studies special education and rehabilitation at Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. She has volunteered in children´s orphanages and centers for special rehabilitation and worked on projects with NGO´s for sustainable development and environmental protection.

Sandra Jakasanovska
Interpreter and translater. Operativ interpreter for the organisation in North Macedonia. Project-coordinator and follow-up on projects in North Macedonia.

Martina Pavlovska
Coordinator for the volunteer work as well as managing the follow-up on projects in North Macedonia.
CEO for NGO for young disabled

Olivera Anevska
Interpreter and translater
Operativ interpreter and administrative translator for the organisation in North Macedonia.


The board of Loza Foundations has the overall responsibility for all Loza operations and has at least four board meetings a year. Board members are appointed by the board and the Loza head office is situated in Varberg, Sweden.

Sabina Grubbeson
Chairman of the Loza Foundation.

Sabina originally studied healthcare and is a certified nurse with experience from both hospitals and care homes, where she has worked with disabled people and also people with physical and mental illnesses. After this early career, she has devoted her professional life to product development and has even run her own firm, Grubbeson Design, since 2010.

Jörgen Grubbeson
For thirty years, Jörgen has built up rental company Stål & Hyrmaskiner in Varberg, which today employs 70 people and managing sites in several locations in the western part of Sweden.

Thony Hannel
As a tax lawyer at an audit firm, Thony works with a whole range of customers, but has specific experience with tax management for charities, foundations and non-profit organisations. He has served in the United Nations forces in Bosnia during 1994-95 and he also has a personal connection to the Loza Foundation as Loza was Thony’s grandmother too.

Lillemor Berglund
Lillemor work as manager of administration within healthcare in Kungsbacka municipality of Sweden.With over 20 years experience and various managerial assignments within, among others, support for people with disabilities, home care, and administration for SOL and LSS she has a competense that adds good knowledge and experience to Loza Foundations projects for vulnerable people i Europe.

Louise Edqvist Lendefors
Louise is a lawyer and has previously worked in both the state, municipality and private sectors. Today, she works as a lawyer at the LaSSe User Support Center in Gothenburg on questions about LSS legislation and social law. Louise also works as a lawyer at Coompanion in Gothenburg with business law, mainly for economic and cooperative associations. Louise has a background as a lawyer at the Gothenburg Diocese.

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