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”Many people in Europe are trapped in vulnerable, defenceless situations and do not know or are perhaps not even aware their human rights. That makes it our responsibility, anyone and everyone with knowledge and opportunity to act as their voice, to counteract human suffering.”

The Loza Foundation charity was established in 2017 by Sabina Grubbeson as a reaction to the vulnerable, exposed situations she witnessed while she travelled around in her grandmother’s home country of Macedonia, where she investigated the current state of affairs at various orphanages and institutions. The foundation was established with the intention of defending the rights of vulnerable people, allowing them to feel safe and secure and give them the option of a longer, healthier life. Loza will work to improve the living standards of children and adults living in inhumane, undignified conditions in the poorest parts of Europe.

Sabina works with product and corporate development, but a past in the health and social care sector. She has a degree as assistant nurse and has worked in the Swedish National Health system with both ill patients and people with disabilities. Issues relating to defenceless, vulnerable people and their rights are something that has troubled her for a long time and she has always felt a strong desire to do something more substantial, more tangible for people living in countries with a less developed welfare state.  However, it was not until she started researching her own history and her own roots that she decided to set up Loza Foundation.

As she travelled around, it became evident that there are huge inadequacies and problems in the social security system. The laws about human rights were clearly not being followed in these orphanages, hospitals and institutions, and she also discovered a stigma that makes it difficult for the disabled and others in similar situations to access the resources to which they are entitled to in order to develop themselves and function in a better way, which then works against their tiny steps of progress. Furthermore, there is a need to protect women that flee from violent relationships, domestic violence. More activities and efforts, such as shelters and soup kitchens, are required too to help homeless people.

At the same time, we can see that businesses and companies want to take more responsibility by supporting different types of social projects as a part of their sustainability programs. We see how people organise themselves to work together for sustainable development. Loza Foundation wants to be the bridge that connects people, businesses and organisations in Europe, and help them come together for the most vulnerable people and their rights.

Loza was the name of Sabina’s grandmother, who lived in Macedonia between 1917-2001. The name is also the core (or perhaps root) of the foundation’s way of working, as Loza means ”family tree”. It symbolises an organisation with branches tying people together, an operation of joint forces where people work together for a meaningful, humane society for everyone.

Loza Foundation works to make the most vulnerable people in the poorest countries of Europe visible, to raise these people´s rights. Our vision is that vulnerable people will get a chance to live under secure and humane conditions and to prevent unnecessary human suffering. Loza Foundation must be a voice for those who are not heard in countries that many do not know of. An organisation which will make us all a little prouder of being Europeans and fellow human beings.


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