Children in vulnerability – Macedonia

The orphanage “25th of May” in Skopje

The Loza Foundation want to give vulnerable children and young people in Macedonia support and hope for the future. The children’s home ”25 May” is one of several homes for children in Skopje that we are building a long term cooperation with, in order to support these children over time.

To gain a greater insight into the children’s needs and to be able to help them properly, each child got to write a letter to the Loza Foundation. Through the letters we have been able to listen to the children and to understand how we can support them in developing their talents and give them a better confidence and faith in what the future has to bring.

January 2019 we met with the children of May 25. For a couple of weeks the Loza Foundation, together with volunteers and staff at the children’s home, helped the children to buy the most urgent clothing needed. This time of the year it was naturally winter jackets, thicker clothes and shoes that the children got, right in time before school started.

Through the Loza Foundation, you can help children who lack support and safety from a family to get support with what they need. With this, we want to create better conditions for every child to develop and to have the chance of a brighter future.

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