Livet på institutionen Demir Kapija i Nordmakedonien

The Demir Kapija institution in North Macedonia is being refurbished

The correspondent trip to Institution Demir Kapija in North Macedonia turned into a series of articles in Göteborgs-Posten, which highlighted poor conditions and invoked strong reactions not least within Macedonian authorities that have now decided that the institution is to be refurbished immediately.

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Loza Foundation Makedonien Skopje

Loza Foundation helps the “25th of May”, a children’s home in Macedonia

Loza Foundation is now starting their first aid project especially aimed at kids. In a joint venture with the children’s home “25th of May” in Macedonia, the aim is to give children and teenagers a helping hand, offering them support and restore their hope and belief in a brighter future. “Children without parents in the poorest […]

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loza foundation bosnien

Loza Foundation speaks up for the women that survived the rape camps

Sabina Grubbeson, founder of the Loza Foundation, meets one of the women who survived several rape camps during the war in Bosnia. Project in Bosnia for female war victims: For more than 20 years, the female survivors of the Bosnian war have been silenced, been told to keep quiet, all alone with their traumatic experiences […]

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”I want to give people a wake-up call”

Photographer Joakim Roos’ thoughts of his work with Loza Foundation: He has been a professional photographer for 30 years and has visited the Balkans many times. Through his work with Loza Foundation, Joakim Roos is hoping to give his audience an insight into these countries and to document, as candidly as possible, what the situation […]

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dr branka antic stauber

”We want to give the women left behind in Bosnia the chance of a future”

Dr Branka Antić Štauber (to the left) in one of the 156 refugee camps that still exist in Bosnia. Loza Foundation has partnered up with an organisation called “Snaga Zene” (The Power of Women): They have been called “the women that were left behind”. Thousands of widows, mothers, sisters and daughters lost everything in the Bosnian […]

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