Companies are partnering up with Loza Foundation to reduce poverty and create a more sustainable development in Europe

So far, 14 companies have chosen to partner up with Loza Foundation, focusing on UN’s Global Goal no.1, No Poverty. The purpose is to jointly help create a sustainable future for some of the poorest families in Europe. The collaboration that started in January will run throughout 2022.

“I am truly grateful that so many companies have chosen to join this venture against extreme poverty, and we can already present results and measures that the efforts of these companies have contributed to”, says Sabina Grubbeson, Secretary-General, Loza Foundation.

With the help of the 14 partner companies, Loza has already achieved several tangible results in the first three months of the year. A story worth highlighting is the story of six-year-old Samira and her family and how they, thanks to the Loza collaboration with companies, have been given their first fully-functioning home. Please click here to read about how six-year-old Samira gets a home.

Throughout the year, the companies entering this venture will be able to follow the Loza projects in North Macedonia and all the families involved. A short documentary will be recorded, where two of the families will tell the audience about their living conditions and their general situation at the beginning of the project. A sequel will be recorded towards the end of the year to show the effect and the result of the different efforts.

“Some of the companies contribute with more than just funding. For example, Shepherd donates transport, jackets and shoes from their manufacturing and has also managed a collection of children’s clothes and shoes, which were donated to the project. Vagabond has also donated shoes from their production. Having shoes is crucial for children to be able to go to school.”

“When we work with these families on their journey out of extreme poverty, we are always amazed by the motivation we witness when they are given the opportunity to change their situation and living conditions. Many of them have never been given such a chance before and can hardly believe it is true. It is fantastic to see them take a big step out of chaos and misery, and what an enormous difference it makes to the health and development of the children”, says Sabina Grubbeson.

The first of the UN’s Global Goals is No Poverty. The more people that can contribute, the quicker we can reach the goal. Working actively with CSR is nowadays perceived to strengthen a brand and increase credibility, which benefits the companies’ communication, and Sabina believes this to be the reason why more and more companies want to get involved.

Partner companies

  • Shepherd
  • Swedese
  • Renta
  • Vagabond shoemakers
  • Wästbygg
  • NJG Investment
  • Varbergs Stadshotell & Asia Spa
  • BEWI Synbra
  • Prevex
  • Etikhus
  • Davids
  • Home of Textiles
  • Wiklund Trading
  • Petrovs Advokatfirma

Loza Foundation partnership with companies

Here you can find information about how the partnerships enable Loza Foundation to help more families escape extreme poverty.

Families in extreme poverty

The support and mentoring program ‘Families in extreme poverty in North Macedonia’ contributes to reaching the Global Goals by addressing goal No. 1, No Poverty.

Read more about the global goals of the UN here.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Sabina Grubbeson, founder and Secretary-General, +46 (0)733-21 38 23,


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