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Women – Victims of war in Bosnia

Snaga Zene – The Power of Women in Tuzla

In 2018, the Loza Foundation started a collaboration with the local organization Snaga Zene – The Power of Women in Tuzla, Bosnia. Today, 20 years since the war in Bosnia, there are still hundreds of women and children living in camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Internal refugees who have not been able to move back to their hometowns, still living with scars from the war, both internal and external, and their children growing up in poverty and exclusion.

Snaga Zene, The Power of Women, is an organization that has developed a successful model to help these families. Through legal, medical, financial and social support they work to help the women and children that are still victims of war.

Through the Loza Foundation you can contribute to Snaga Zene and the rehabilitation and future for these women and children. Snaga Zene educate women in sustainable cultivation and donate greenhouses and plants as a model to help the women into self-sufficiency. The organization also helps the children to integrate into school and society.

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