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Special Institution Demir Kapija is a long-term care institution with 230 children and adults with varying disabilities.

The needs here are huge. Since 1991, when Macedonia became independent, the situation has deteriorated rapidly and today we are now in a position that is simply unsustainable. There is a lack of medical equipment. There are severe sanitation needs such as new bathrooms, toilets and a well-functioning hot water supply. Furthermore, the waste water and sewage must be managed better, they need better lighting and heat sources for the cold winter months.

Loza Foundation wants to help by addressing these urgent needs of the institution, but in addition to this, we also want to work with long-term solutions to give these people the opportunity to have a better life.

Our purpose is to enable people with disabilities to be included in society as everyone else. That people with special needs, in addition to the physiological needs such as food, health and hygiene, also should be entitled to the safety of a home with personal belongings and to have access to the resources needed in order to develop as a human being.

Our ambition is that the people living at Special Institution Demir Kapija should be able to leave this type of institution and make a new life for themselves in a modern residential home for smaller groups, where they can live in a less institutionalised and more natural environment and thus grow as human beings. We want to make sure that these people feel safe and secure in an environment, where they can have their own clothes, shoes and other personal belongings. Each individual should also get the help they need to be able to function and develop at their own pace.

We have visited the institution of Demir Kapija on a number of occasions over the last few years and in order to make the right decision in a complex issue we have partnered up with researchers and organisations that share our core values and beliefs, ​​so that we can invest in long-term, positive progression focused on each vulnerable person and his/her human rights. This is so that we can give hope to anyone, who is currently living with horrible hopelessness day in and day out, year after year, and has to endure appalling conditions.

We met Vito Flaker, Professor at Ljubljana University, who studies institutionalisation and mental health. He has been researching various institutions in eastern Europe for approx. 35 years and is actively working to change the situation for people with disabilities. He has contributed to the fact that people, who have spent most of their lives in different institutions, have been able to move to smaller group housing and can function fairly well in the society.

Together with Vito and his network, we can work with long-term development for people with disabilities.

This autumn, we will start a project specifically aimed at Special Institution Demir Kapija, but we depend entirely on your support. Donate a contribution to our business and give these people a chance for a better life. Follow us on social media, where we continuously post updates of our work, so that you can understand what your donations are used for and what results do they bring.

For every single person’s right to a dignified life.

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